How to unify anatomy and props across code and design tools

  • What is its name?
  • How is each element organized and named in a hierarchy?
  • What options can be configured, and at what level is each exposed?
  • How might smaller parts be modularized to reuse elsewhere?
  • How does this thing interact with other things that call or contain it?

Terms, Types, and Taxonomy to Describe Visual Style

Masthead image with abstract visualization

Operating a Workflow to Resolve Designer and Developer Needs

Visualization depicting support case types flowing through channels and — when needed — a ticketing system.

Higher Quality and More Engagement Require More Steps

Decompose Your Workflow into Checklists

Keep ’em on track with what they need, when they need it

Time to Separate the Small-and-Quick from Larger Things

8 Reasons Design Systems Invest in Contributions

Leveling up a design system’s multi-channel approach to messaging designers, developers and everyone else

Iterate Work with Stories, Epics, Versions, Tasks and More

Nathan Curtis

Founded UX firm @eightshapes, contributing to the design systems field through consulting and workshops. VT & @uchicago grad.

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