Continuing Positive Parenting When You Are Exhausted

You are exhausted when you fail to do anything properly. Same goes for the parenting as well. Parenting is rather a difficult task which needs to be done with a calm and clear mind. When you are exhausted, it will definitely get pretty difficult for you to continue positive parenting practices. Nevertheless, you don’t get much of a choice even when you are tired. You will remain a parent, and your children would need you to be appositive parent.

The question is how you can be a positive parent when you are down with tiredness? Here, it is to be remembered that children are children. They are never going to understand that you are going through a hard time. So, you need to anticipate everything which has the potential to make you angry as a parent even in the normal circumstances. Nevertheless, there are certainly some options that you can take into consideration in order to continue with the best parenting practices.

The power nap

When you get tired, what is your most preferred option? Obviously, you will want to have a quick nap. Sleeping for some time may be enough to make you fresh for everything and you may no longer feel exhausted. Now, it may be a little hard to find an opportunity to sleep. In this situation, power napping (sleeping without lying down on bed) may be helpful for you to get rid of the tiredness. Or, you can wait a bit longer for the children to sleep in the afternoon. At that time, you can lie down and have some proper sleep. It would be ideal to ask your spouse to stay up while you sleep. This way, your partner will be watching over the kids.

Stop being proactive parent at the moment

In normal situation, you may be pretty much concerned about everything your children do. However, it’s not something you can do while being exhausted. For instance, if you have always been insisting on playing your kids in order to spend quality time with them, you can skip on this activity while you are exhausted. Furthermore, if there isn’t and urgency, you can ask your children to continue with their studies by themselves. You can continue with this proactive parenting once you are fresh.

Alternate parenting plan

One thing that we can tell you with certainty is that you are going to get tired in many situations. Therefore, there should be a parenting plan for such circumstances. It is highly important when your kids are too young and you need to consistently take care of them. Look at the things that you can skip and also at the ones you cannot. Once the list is ready, make a strategy for these specific situations.

Get help

Enlist your trustable relatives for help when you are tired. It is going to be hard part of the plan but it can help you in getting fresh while your relatives are there to give you the crucial break you are in the need of.