Hours after rain, still feels like it is raining. The people said the only moment to cry without anyone knows yeahhh….when it is raining. Actually, I want to cry A LOT in the middle of that “water”. But I afraid of being sickness. Yeahhh… That’s ridiculous, right?

Well…In the middle of my small rentroom, me sitting here, and OF COURSE… with a lot of messy stuffs right here. Tonight, this writing is for you…The one who doesn’t TRUST me that I’m thinking of you.

One of many who inspired me to get improvement is you. Woahhh… You made me like I’m under pressure, UNTIL NOW. Who am I comparing my self with you? With that significant progress? Who am I deserve to think about you all day? Imagining your face? your kindness to me? Yeah…I’m taller than you :0

You are the most kind and generous person that I ever met. You are kind to everyone. Even, with the one that you dont like. One by one…starts falling in love with you in every single thing that you done.

You are the most difficult maze that I have ever in. The maze that makes me high. The best high that makes me dont wanna get out from there.

Told you that you are controlling my brain like a rainbow after rain.