My first Garden Warfare 2 review

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is better than GW 1 because the game has gone to be a considerably better in characters and graphics. I think it is amazing because it brought great graphics and complexity to E rated games.

I love the graphics in this picture.

Plants vs. zombies GW 2 has grown much from the 3 Plants vs. zombies games before it. It has grown in size and in complexity. One of the cool ways it has grown is all the ways of getting achievements. I all so like how they made the multi player in to the multi player portal.


I think variants are very helpful for making this game what it is. In this game, a variant is a character that has all the same abilities as an original character except that variants are better and/or different than the original character. You just need to get all of their stickers to unlock the character. Variants make it so the game is not just seven characters because each character has at least five variants and when you multiply 5 by 7, you get at least 35 characters. That is a lot more than just 7 characters. There are in fact two teams, Plants and Zombies, each of which has at least 35 variants.

This is one of the cool looking variants

One thing I like is how big the Back yard battleground is. It quite easy to get lost in it, and that is not including the 12 other maps!It is cool how there are lots of mini missions. Also it is filled with funny images.

My name is Nathan and I am in fourth grade in North Carolina. I like to play on my Xbox One.