We just wrapped up our third annual Craft + Commerce in June, and honestly it just keeps getting better and better each year.

We live for bringing creators together to learn, grow, and connect with each other. And it gives us an amazing opportunity to connect with them too!

Talking face to face with so many incredible creators helps us understand the struggles they face and how we can keep serving them as best possible.

Because as a creator, no other company has your back like ConvertKit.

So as many of our competitors are changing course, and we want you to know that we’re doubling down on serving creators like you. …

We just announced a new landing page templates and editing functionality. Today I want to follow it up with a sneak peek into where we are headed. Over the next few months here are the features we’ll release for landing pages.

Custom domains

Right now if you use our WordPress plugin you can easily replace a page on your site with a ConvertKit landing page (here’s an article on how to do it). But for those who don’t use WordPress or don’t yet have a site, it’s nice to be able to personalize your URL.

Personalize your subdomain

The next feature we are working on is the ability to set your own subdomain. So I could have nathanbarry.ck.page for my account and then nathanbarry.ck.page/learn as one of my landing page URLs. …

Building an audience is the most effective way to earn a living as a creator. In order to do that, you need effective landing pages and subscription forms.

If you’ve been using ConvertKit for years, you know that we have 3 opt-in forms and 4 simple landing pages. Today that changes.

We are launching 2 new forms and 14 new landing pages. These new templates will give creators the ability to grow their email list quickly, without needing to create a full website.

I’d love to show them to you now.

Does 11 minutes feel a little random? It is. We actually think you can create a great new landing page in ConvertKit in under 10 minutes. Then you can spend the extra minute with your family.

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