What does the new EU directive mean for the future of Motorsport?

The ruling by the European Union means that any motorized vehicle inside the European Union must have third party liability insurance, even on private land. This means that any crash on a race track within the 27 member states will be classed as a road traffic collision and dealt as such. This would obviously be catastrophic for the future of Motorsport and would not be able to continue in its current form. The FIA, along with all other Motorsport bodies across the EU are currently in consultation, regarding the ruling known as Vnuk. This is in order to try and produce an outcome that is preferable for all parties.

This would be with a potential solution of ensuring that the insurance policy would apply to traffic-only road situations; so would put Motorsport under a different banner and be treated differently. But there is deep uncertainty surrounding this issue.

An FIA statement read: “This is of course a matter that we have been following closely since the ECJ [European Court of Justice] ruling on Vnuk.”The public consultation being conducted by the European Commission covers a wider scope than only motorsport. The questions being asked in connection with the scope of the Motor Insurance Directive could indeed have a potential impact on motorsport and the FIA. Over the past months the FIA has consulted its European ASNs to determine a common position and will be replying officially to the Commission prior to the deadline. The FIA shall of course seek to preserve motorsport from any negative consequences of proposed amendments to the motor insurance directive.”

​And Motorsport directive Chris Aylett urged all employers to complete the consultation ‘before its too late’ and confirmed that this would not be affected by Brexit due to the much smaller time scale that the EU is wanting to implement this change.

So now all Motorsport fans across the world just hope that this can be resolved in a logical way that allows their sport to continue for generations to come…