The Hottest Digital Marketing Jobs in the Future

Every year, a growing number of business are realising they need to hire marketing positions that never existed 5 years ago. More than 50% of jobs will become irrelevant in less than 10 years as we move further into an era the information age. This means young digital marketers need to be equipped as the dynamics in workplace requirement are drastically changing with each new wave of innovative ideas and businesses.

This feels like a good time to rant because in case you missed it, this is another hint on how the education sector is ripe for disruption. More about my reference to it here. The Nigerian government and ASUU is only looking out for themselves.

A number of experts have identified the hottest digital marketing jobs that will be in-demand in the next couple of years. The list below summarises some of these jobs roles.

  1. Mixed-reality designer

Think of Pokemon Go and the disruption it stirred last year. Skills in graphics design, animation, UI/UX best serve as background knowledge in merging reality and virtual reality for product design and user experience. Personally, I look forward to how this field would evolve in the future.

2. Omnichannel Retail Strategist

With the news of Jumia Market shutting down operations, the need for expertise in merging online and physical customer experience is becoming more pertinent. This requires deep understanding in data analytics and delivering consistent personalised real-time experience for customers. It is one of the reasons why the acquisitions of Whole Foods and Bonobos by Amazon and Wal-Mart respectively are very strategic. If only Jumia 🤐 …

3. Data Analyst

Information is everything in the digital marketing. Companies like Facebook and Google use it to identify and target customers to increase conversion. A strong understanding of maths, data optimization and a curious mind are useful are good qualities to have.

“It’s no longer hard to find answer to a given question; the hard part is finding the right question.” — Kevin Weil, Instagram’s Head of Product

4. Bot and Voice Skills Developer

Market spend on artificial intelligence is growing at a fast pace. Conversational bots like Siri and Cortana demonstrate how companies are using artificial intelligence to differentiate itself from other brands. Language learning mobile app, Duolingo successfully utilises this technology on its platform. Brands in industries like education, health and insurance offer opportunities for digital marketers interested in this field to grow and develop.. Skills in programming, language, writing and user interface design offer a a big opportunity to develop this nascent field.

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