How to leverage bodyweight exercises to workout at home

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Is this real life or are we in a movie? Every day makes me believe more and more in the simulation theory (which hypothesizes that life as we know it as just an advanced computer simulation), because how else can you explain the sudden chaos that has unfolded this year. We are not even 3 months into the new decade, and yet I feel 30 years older.

The next few days, weeks, and potentially months will be extremely challenging. …

The Benefits of Walking at Work

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A Modern Crisis

The World Health Organization recommends that adults engage in at least 150 minutes of physical activity every week to maintain good health. Office workers and anyone else who spends extended periods sitting down should pay extra attention: these researchers at the NIH (National Institute of Health) estimated that physical inactivity could contribute to 9% of premature mortality worldwide.

Keep it simple

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New technologies such as blockchain are constantly emerging in today’s rapidly evolving business environment. Simply put, blockchain functions as a decentralized general ledger by allowing users to securely store information through the addition of layers (digital ‘blocks’) that are embedded with code; each transaction automatically updates other users’ chains of code. The goal is to create safer, more transparent, and more efficient ledgers with the potential to revolutionize industries ranging from finance to healthcare.

Blockchain technology provides many benefits like increased efficiency and time savings in activities like supply chain management, claims settlement, securities trading, and insurance claims management. For…

It’s okay to be selfish; your goals should be about you

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Let me begin by saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself, establishing goals, and working to achieve them…but why link your plans to any arbitrary day? The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that they are focused on the new year rather than on you!

Your resolutions shouldn’t start or stop with a new page on the calendar — your goal setting should be continuous, practical, and tailored to your own life. So don’t feel ashamed if, a month into the new year, you are beginning to lose steam pursuing your ambitions. First of all…

Happiness comes from appreciating the little things

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I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. — Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Scientific studies cannot necessarily prove cause and effect, but they have consistently shown a strong correlation between expressing gratitude and living a happier and healthier life. Take this recent article from Harvard Medical School which describes a study that followed participants for 10 weeks. It found that the participants tasked with keeping a daily gratitude journal were more optimistic, more fulfilled, exercised more, and were healthier than the control group.

Gratitude can be cultivated in a variety…

How I stuck to my gym schedule when life got busy

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Weekend warrior: a person who participates in an activity only in their spare time

The thought of becoming a weekend warrior scared me well before I even graduated from college — I have always been independently minded, and four years in college only deepened my resolve to live life on my own terms. I simply couldn’t imagine resigning myself to a life of waiting until Friday afternoon each week.

I need certain things to be the best version of myself, and exercise is at the top of that list. Going to the gym resonates with me on a very deep…

We have a foundation…but is that enough?

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Why does it matter?

Public awareness of digital currencies has recently skyrocketed, with specific currencies like Bitcoin becoming household names. Financial regulations, however, have not kept pace. This failure has caused inconsistent accounting treatment and prevents users of financial statements from making accurate comparisons between companies.

The purpose and character of cryptocurrencies vary widely across users. Individuals can personally exchange the currency, and some major companies (Microsoft,, Dell) now accept it as payment; however, the scope of adoption is small. …

The challenges (and solutions) to global expansion

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What’s the simplest way to increase your sales? Sell to new customers. And what’s the fastest way to sell to new customers? Expand into new markets. Your domestic market is inherently limited, and exporting has never been easier in today’s globalized world.

There are many reasons for exporting; it doesn’t matter if you want to reach a larger audience, gain a first-mover advantage in a new target market, or reduce risk by diversifying your business. Exporting unlocks the power of new markets, many of which are seeing explosive growth right now.

My Background

I gained valuable knowledge and experience while working for…

Take small steps to achieve big goals

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One simple change is all it takes to alter your life…if you win the lottery. Oh, and if that happens to be the case for you, please reach out! I’d love to discuss the finer points of wealth redistribution from atop your new yacht.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, there is no hidden shortcut to financial freedom. There is no special life-hack to make you superhuman. There is no singular path to achieve your goals. …

Nathan Bryant

Accountant (CPA) and Trainer (NASM - CPT). Passionate about fitness/health, self-development, travel, emerging tech, data, and ...dogs.

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