On my most recent trip to the 3rd rock from the sun I learned a lot about this specific earthling named Aleah. I learned that she has twelve siblings and that is most uncommon for her species, she is the president of Marquette university’s Native American club and continuous to fight for her people from the invasive and unfair actions of other humans. Most of Earth follows some form of religion but Aleah says that while she has formerly belonged to certain institutions of faith that she is currently secular and enjoys her freedom to survey religions from an outside perspective before deciding if she could have faith. Some questions that accelerated our conversations were often around faith family and our emotions, one question in particular “ what are you afraid of?” allowed me an insight to a very powerful emotion and motivator for humans. I received a surface level answer and later one much more rooted in Aleah’s past, an answer that helped me understand humans better, one that I wont disclose due to confidentiality but I thought was very admirable.

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