Teenage kids

I have this deep love with this boy, and I think we are the closest we can be but I find myself to keep getting closer and closer. He’s a great friend and I don’t see him grow up into an adult without me.
We met our freshman year, he was in his own friend group and I was in mine then we became one big group of homies. Our sophomore year is when we hung out almost everyday, that is also when we started smoking pot. We smoked a shit ton of weed, it’s like everyone had marijuana whenever we hung out. We would smoke before school, during lunch, after school. For a long time the only time I wasn’t high was when I woke up to take a shower. Anyway we have a lot or memories together it’s like my childhood started in 10th grade.
It’s now our junior year and about a month ago my friend decided life is getting too hard to deal with and was very suicidal. That’s when I wanted to hangout with him everyday and show him I love him. Every time we hangout we have the most fun time and I’m glad he’s as happy as he is. We have this sort of spiritual bond between us. We made this bond when we popped one of our good friends “acid cherry”. We aren’t drug addicts we just like to have a good time and expand our mind a little bit. Like I said I don’t ever see him leaving my side in the future, like our souls are holding hands. We have plans together that one of us has to go to the others funeral, and we have to drop acid or smoke peyote so we can go into a trance and say our last goodbye. Chance you are a great friend and I love you buddy, see you soon.