Four Proofs of Perpetual Motion

As I can see, the corollary is the least certain thing, compared to each of the premises.

Premise 1: “Friction does not eliminate motion where motion is permitted!”

So, motion is not a contradiction.

Premise 2: “Reactions are possible in a circle, as shown by dominoes! Wheels can turn!”

Thus, it is possible to simulate perpetual motion.

Premise 3: A. “Dominoes can chain-react using higher and higher altitudes.”

E.g. one domino can cause a height of two dominoes to fall, even if the two-height dominoes have a higher average altitude. So:

B. “ Energy can be created” because the energy inputted has nothing to do with the amount of energy outputted.

Premise 4: This is just icing on the cake, “Dominoes can accelerate, so friction does not stop everything.”

In other words, putting together 4 and 1, we get a refutation of universal entropy.

Voila! Proof that perpetual motion is possible, in the practical abstract.

— -Nathan Coppedge. 2016 / 01 / 9

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