People engage in ad hominem attacks instead of argumentation. Why? Because it’s easier. And because they are so tied to their opinions or ideology they feel they are being personally attacked by a difference of opinion
6 Reasons Political (or Religious) Discussion is Impossible on the Internet
Keri Smith

… and because they have been indoctrinated with a phobia of those who hold other views. It is not just that it is easier, it is that the irrational hatred they have toward partisan opponents is, in their own thought process, the only thing to be said on the matter.

Not that they feel or think “out loud" that it is sufficient, but rather, because of how they feel, there is no more thinking to be done on the matter. Fear simplifies our thoughts, and if we allow it to, it can stop our thoughts completely.

It is a great comfort to see someone else who recognizes the suppressive effect of partisan name-calling and motive-assignment. I hope that we can see the day when it gets better in the future. You are in a very strong position to help guide others that way.

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