An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

Good for you calling out and melting that special snowflake on her laziness and vulgar entitlement attitude. Big ups especially for calling her out on making her deficit of work ethic into a poverty issue. When the market crashed I took a job moving rocks with my fucking hands in the Southern California heat to make ends meet while I looked for something better. I used to throw dust on my sweaty skin to protect it from the sun because I couldn’t afford sun block and long sleeves in 100+ weather was abject misery. I also took 2 other jobs on the side and through keeping a positive attitude and strong work ethic I now work for the premier company in an industry I love. I too have worked food service to make ends meet while I searched for ways to build a better future for myself, much respect to you for doing the same, I know the struggle.

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