Nah. The economy goes up and down.

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I keep my head up though, not in the sand. The economy is in decline with no political will to change it. This is not a short term problem and hundreds of millions will suffer in fact millions already are. Realizing the dire state of affairs allows people to be emotionally and logistically prepared for the disruptions to their lives. Within the environment there are problems that are just as dire again affecting millions of lives globally. These are hard truths and dismissing them is irresponsible and dangerous. I’m not an alarmist or an activist because being so at this point is a waste of energy. I’ve decided to put my energy into enjoying my life not dwelling on the things I am powerless to change. I’m also not trying to convince everyone to see the world as it truly is. I’m asking you specifically to look a little closer.

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