Not All Men? Well, actually…
Alicen Grey

I realize this is an old article by now but I felt compelled to answer anyway. Forgive my tardiness. I will answer your question for why I consider myself a feminist.

Firstly, whether I am considered a feminist or a feminist ally from what I can tell seems to be preference. I don’t mind either term because the underlying point is that I support gender equality. I have no intention of asserting male dominance or influence on the subject… so I don’t mind either term.

I am a self-proclaimed feminist because I believe that should be the default mindset for being human. I believe feminism is a movement that shouldn’t have to exist because there should be no question as to whether or not a woman should be entitled to being treated and accepted as a human for the sake of simply existing. It should seem ridiculous that anyone would ever question that a human should have need to debate, fight for or prove worthy of basic, simple humanity.

The fact that there exist a vast number of people who actually question this; the fact that violence against women is so prevalent and widely accepted that denial is even possible; the existence of rape culture and victim blaming and institutionalized prejudice directed at women for simply existing as a woman is why I feel I must actually declare myself a feminist. I shouldn’t have to… because it shouldn’t be a matter for debate or scrutiny. But it seems that it is… so I do. Until it is more common place to accept gender equality as a matter of natural law than it is to debate it’s validity I feel that I have no alternative; that any moral, ethical and empathetic person has no alternative but to unequivocally be in support of feminism. To do otherwise is to oppose basic human rights.

In particular I do not consider the so called “egalitarian movement” to be valid in any way. The idea that there is something wrong with the “fem” part of feminism as though being too woman is some sort of problem is in my opinion simple proof of culturally accepted sexism. The term “feminism” should absolutely remain the sole term used to describe gender equality because it puts issues women face front and center rather than being subject to the approval of men or overshadowed by matters of equality that men deem more worthy of attention. A woman need not base the validity of her right to be equal on whether she was polite enough to a man or thought about men enough before having an independent thought of her own.

Anyway, that’s my two cents. I genuinely appreciated your article. I feel I get into far too many debates on the subject and lately feel like those who even want to debate the subject should be met with a middle finger. At one time I thought it would be an opportunity to educate but as of late I feel these people are simply stupid and devoid of basic empathy. I look forward to reading more of your writing.

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