International awareness: Global Surveillance

Global surveillance has been around since the 20th century, establishing a global network named ECHELON which was a type of surveillance network used for the security of a country. Decades later new methods of global surveillance were made with the purpose to combat terrorism. UAV drones are often used for scouting methods in warfare, as they can pick up the enemy's position. But this technology is not only used in warfare, it is often regarded that they can be used for many other reasons, such as gathering intel, or even to take scenery photos.

In order for a nation to have the necessary fundamentals in security, government bodies feel the need to access some of our private information, involving our online activities, such as what websites we visit. Many of us, would not agree with the decision, as our privacy is being invaded in a way. And as time progresses new methods of surveillance will arise which will eventually result in new and more extreme ways of surveillance will surface and our privacy will be monitored by the government even more than it does now. Eventually our entire lives will be monitored and hardly anything we do will be in our own privacy, all for national security.

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