The Lawless digital world

Most people are aware that the internet would be very hard to police, ever since the world wide web was introduced into the world, the flow of information, changed significantly. As years went by, the internet evolved over time and new forms of social media websites were introduced that made the flow of information almost completely different. It’s hard for us to control it, its almost chaotic in a way, as thousands of people have access to material that would be almost impossible to release if not for the power of the internet.

But one of the greatest problems the internet has spawned, is of course hackers. These individuals consist of IT savy teens, a small group of people, or even the hacker group anonymous, which have the ability to shut down major FBI websites and company sites. Just about anyone can learn the most basic hacking techniques and utilise it in some of the most unorthodox ways.

Just recently I have found out about “Swatting’’ where a hacker can find information on another user, such a where they live(usually in an online game or forum.) and send the swat to their house or apartment, giving them false information that they may be criminals or what not, as a form of a prank. Just recently a 15 year old was sentenced for 25 years in prison for swatting.

The fact that people can do this is quite extreme, especially from a 15 year old boy. But the real question is, can we police the internet? And should it be policed? Most people are against this, as it may remove our freedom of speech, due to the fact that the internet may be one of our last methods to voice some of our opinions.

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