When Big Money can bring in better content or better production value, would this not also suggest…
Christian Lindig

Big Money will promise exactly that kind of thing to people who have as much influence as Marco. But just like every startup hoping to achieve explosive growth and market dominance, they will eventually want to make a profit and turn the screws on the creators/listeners.

In the first season of the podcast Startup, we hear Alex Blumberg try to raise VC money for Gimlet Media. The VCs keep hoping to hear a business plan that will yield a 100x+ return on their money. The idea of just building a small company with <20 employees making a few successful shows doesn’t appeal to VC money. Maybe Gimlet should “disrupt” and “revolutionize” the podcast industry. Maybe Gimlet should make an app that will sell millions of copies.

Ad rates for podcasts are orders of magnitude better than YouTube, in part because there’s a better supply/demand curve for creators on podcasts. As supply of creators and listeners increases, demand will spread out and prices will fall.

That’s not really what Marco’s worry about. He doesn’t want there to be a YouTube of podcasting with no competition that can dictate terms to podcast creators.