Five Concepts for Designing Augmented Reality Apps

  1. If we can display content next to the watch, does the watch need a screen?
  2. Do we need a physical watch at…

How to create natural gestures and animations on iOS

Apple’s WWDC18 presentation “Designing Fluid Interfaces”

Five simple techniques to learn how other apps are built

The Medium iOS app (left) and the Product Hunt iOS app (right).

How Designers Can Help Prevent Visual Glitches in iOS Apps

Exploring rendering differences between Sketch and iOS

Spot The Difference

  1. Has a larger shadow.
  2. Has a darker gradient.
  3. Has the word “in” on the top line of the paragraph.

It’s all about keeping related code together.

Better Buttons

Creating a popup menu with UIViewPropertyAnimator

The final animation we are going to build.

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designer + engineer, iOS app maker, writing about the intersection of art and tech

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