In design we talk about strategic thinking, but it’s hard to show. Beautiful work opens the door, but our role as strategic designers comes through when we talk. So, here’s an attempt to show the benefits of creative thinking with the recent brand launch, PostKnife. If you guys find this interesting, I’ll post more details that you don’t often see; how research leads to insights, insights lead to solutions, and those solutions create a memorable brand experience. I think of it as a commentary track to a project, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Case Study: PostKnife

It’s not often you get to…

My oldest son has always been my greatest motivator. I had him young (obvs) and my commitment to him drove the work ethic that built my career. Today, he’s a grown man who is making his own path and inspiring me in completely new ways. He started a brand called Normal Parents (totally a dig on me) and uses it to sell apparel, create event experiences, endorse causes, and support art and artists including his band The Happy Children.

This guy is showing me and the world that you can jump in and test your instincts. He’s reminding me…

Business cards are useless, until they’re not. I created a DIY business card that anyone can make.

I’ve been an independent studio for years and never had business cards. I network digitally and it‘s never come up. If you need to find someone, imagine the situation where you’re hunting through a stack of cards. A blackout? Even then you’re looking in the dark. How many cards slapped down to start a meeting get recycled an hour later? I still have full boxes from previous jobs. Sad, alone, un-networked. Next time you give out a card, look in their eyes. It’s…

Nathan Hinz

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