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I’ve been intending to write about my sex-positive beliefs for some time, and this post has been precipitated and sponsored by, an organization dedicated to safe and healthy sexuality by providing private, affordable tests for sexually transmitted diseases. Their work is important! Furthermore, anything I write here is a personal position and recollection of my experiences–not a reflection of my employer(s).


It’s wonderful, gross, beautiful, entirely underwhelming, and pretty fucking great.

Up until a certain point in my adolescent development, I prided myself on my relative “purity” to that of my classmates. This, of course, was complicated by…

My relationship with the Bible is, at best, tricky.


We’re keeping our distance, sorting things out, and maybe — just maybe — we’ll get together again soon.

Step back a little less than two years, and you’d find me at my desk every morning with a cup of coffee — French pressed on a good day — and my hefty, leather-bound English Standard Version Study Bible, supplemented daily with multi-colored highlights scattered throughout its pages. I made my way morning by morning through various parts of Scripture in a particular system I had devised as a way of compartmentalizing…

We climbed a mountain and claimed it for our own.

“How’d you two meet?”

For most couples, this inane query is met with a well-rehearsed response, the warm retelling of a story somewhat enhanced in the familiar way memories evolve with the passage of time.

For us, a gay couple, it’s a tale of beating the odds and the raw thrill of breaking the rules.

Such has been my experience as a music and worship student at Liberty University, the world’s largest Evangelical college, known both for its Trumpist president and its founder’s involvement in the formation of the highly partisan Moral Majority. …

Nathanial Totten Green

Married, queer Christian living in Nashville and working for churches. Writing on my experiences, sexuality, and faith journey. |

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