About Myself: For Class

I suppose this is where I write about myself. I guess there is plenty to talk about as far as interests go. First and foremost, I am a huge nerd (self-proclaimed), and I specialize in most things Star Wars. Those are my favorite movies and I’ve read a fair number of books on the subject as well. I also dabble in a little Star Trek and LOTR, but those are more casual interests. As far as TV shows I watch, they tend to focus on comedy. Archer, Family Guy, South Park, and Tosh.0 are the shows I watch most frequently.

After nerd things, my interests tend to focus on sports, particularly football. I played in high school and for a single year in college, so I watch football the most. Recreationally, I watch and play basketball and I like golf and soccer (yes, not futbol, soccer). I like all levels of most sports, college and professional, but I am not a big fan of women’s sports. I am also a very big fantasy sports connoisseur. Fantasy football is life.

If I was given a million dollars, I would probably be really lame with it. I would most likely repair my car, or buy a new one, and then stash the rest. I really want to get into investing because it seems like the quickest way to make money on the side of actually working. I would more than likely find an investment advisor to teach me the trade. That way, I could achieve my dream of financial stability. I don’t need to be overflowing with wealth, just enough to not stay up at night.