Healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle

In our time becoming more and more popular healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. People want to have their body worked steadily, fully digesting all the nutrients and elements.
In our time becoming more and more popular healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. People want to have their body worked steadily, fully digesting all the nutrients and elements to pass quickly and correctly the process of metabolism, which is the pledge and guarantee of good health.
With a proper diet you need to eat at certain times. Due to this, food has the ability to allocate the right amount of calories during the day. Of course, you need to consider a set of dishes and their number.

Physically healthy person, experts recommend to commit the meal three or four times per day. There are some diseases of the digestive system that you need to eat 5–6 times a day.
Breakfast and person should be equal thirds of his daily diet, and lunch and dinner should be a quarter of the daily diet. But still a greater number of nutritionists in solidarity with each other that four meals is the best choice. Thanks to this system, the nutrition in our body is the best way to absorb nutrients and vitamins contained in food.
For proper diet and healthy lifestyle need to distribute products hours of admission. And this should be done, paying attention to their composition and energy potential. For example, products containing a high percentage of protein like fish, legumes and meat you need to eat in the morning or at lunch time. Because they tend to increase the activity of the Central nervous system. And in the evening is to eat dairy products with fruits and vegetables. Such products do not burden the digestive system. At night do not drink coffee and tea, because they are able to strengthen the nervous system, leading to sleep disturbance.
When you serve food, ensure that its temperature does not exceed fifty degrees and not less than ten. In order for your body to have learned well the food, it must be very well chewed. You should not talk at the table or watch TV, because all things that can distract from the proper meals. This process of eating will not contribute to a healthy diet, and can only do harm to your body.
Try to make meals on a schedule and not break it. Proper and systematic nutrition contributes to the prevention activities of the gastrointestinal tract. Of course, you need to eat moderately, within reason, as overeating can lead to accumulation of fat in the body and cause lots of diseases, and to reduce the activity of the immune system.
If we eat right, we will be able to reduce the appearance of chronic diseases that accompany us on the attraction many years, but about a healthy lifestyle in General should not be forgotten — sports and lack of bad habits has not been canceled. For example, with the exception of hot peppers from your diet you can reduce the number of times when you are concerned about heartburn or gastritis.
With regard to nutrition and the issue of age category, there is little to think about. Because at a young age you can afford something that, being more adult, should be excluded from your menu. After all, the young and the digestive system “stronger” and healthier. But people who are already turned fifty, selenaselena should avoid food which could trigger a hypertensive crisis. People at this age and older is bound to eat more foods that contain calcium, which is a necessary prevention of osteoporosis.
In General, the best should be the diet which contains meat, fish, dairy products, and supplemented with fruits and vegetables. Foods that contains a lot of carbohydrates, can well satisfy hunger, but the food brings not very of great benefit. Flour and sugar should be kept to a minimum. Sweets should be replaced by honey

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