I want to be a better writer, but I refuse to write
Wiley Jones

Stop testing the water. Just jump in. Dont be affraid of the “boogie man”.

  1. Write one page every day. That is 365 pages a year, or about the length of a book. In 10 years, thats 10 books. 20 years, 20 books, and so on… Not into novels, want to keep on the blog? Fine, then a post a day. Your posts are going to be garbage at first, why wouldnt they be? 364 daily garbage posts to create one great one is a lot better than about 5 shitty ones complaining about how you are not a great writer.
  2. Stop. Just write. Its okay that it is shit, nobody knows or cares who you are. Thats a good thing, because the only one you have to face right now is yourself. If you are unable to face yourself, how could you face a large audience? Write a post a day, and realize what mistakes you are making along the way. Dont fix them, just remember for the next time. Keep writing. Improve your quality post to post. Gain some fucking confidence, and find your voice.
  3. This is because you dont have anything meaningful to say, and nobody cares what you have to say. Stop writing about yourself or how you feel, and write about other people or things. Write about things you are interested in. Admire them. Understand them. Write about something new you learned. Stop using the word “I”, it is poison. Don’t write about your feelings. Don’t write about politics.

Man up. Write. Improve yourself. Fuck what anybody else thinks.