Sex IN THE City; Carrie Bradshaw and the Mandela Effect

Nathaniel Hébert
May 23, 2018 · 2 min read

I had a good friend in university who was infatuated with Sarah Jessica Parker, and by extension the show on HBO, “Sex IN THE City”. It’s always been that way until a few months ago, when it was suddenly “Sex AND THE City”!

There’s still plenty of reviews and articles referencing “Sex in the City” with intention. Even Roger Ebert has a go at the title when he thumbs down the film, “Sex in the City movie gets low rating from Ebert”.

What’s interesting about the archives, is that there appears to be an equal number of articles that refer to the show as “In the City” as there are for “And the City,”; the latter looking wholly foreign to my eyes.

It was a successful show, and a moderately successful movie franchise, but what do you recall the title as?

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