Following the 5 p’s of Success to getting the job done

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Strategic Planning

In the first blog post, I gave an overview of the different components that are in a black box. Now, before we dive into building a trading algorithm and buying a Lamborghini, there must be a structure that is followed to reach that level of success. When I was enlisted in the US Army in 2015 I was under the management of a Sergeant Geis while stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. While getting my life together[many of push ups], after forgetting my id in my room one morning he said:

That has nothing to do…

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide for turning a manual strategy into an algorithmic trading strategy

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Algorithmic trading is an amazing opportunity for retail traders to branch their manual trading strategy into the realm of automation. However, if you have looked into automating your strategy and are looking for a road map this guide will help you navigate through this challenge. In this series of articles, I will document the trials and tribulations of building trading algorithms using different resources that I have found useful on my path. …

Nathaniel Jacques

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