In this post, we revisit effectively engaging employees in client energy management strategies. Why, because it’s important that, as an energy consultant you stand out from the crowd and bring value to your customers in ways others don’t. Working with your clients to initiate employee engagement might be the component that can take a companies sustainability initiatives to the next level, or prevent them from taking off at all. 
That said, we share ideas and strategies developed specifically to get employees involved while at the same time help enhance relationships with clients.

Customizing an energy management plan for your customers means leaving no stone unturned when it comes to sustainability. Sure, noticeable benefits can be achieved by mixing the proper procurement strategy with improvements in even the simplest efficiencies such as lighting. But there has to be a reason why clients are undergoing these enhancements. Working with your customers to develop that vision, then helping share it with employees is what separates a real energy consultant from one that only generates price quotes. Instead of trusting that your clients will “take the ball and run” work closely with them to develop a powerful message in regards to company sustainability. Then stand out by helping them share that vision with their employees.

Here are some easy to implement ideas designed to help your clients build an engaging strategy and empower their employees to follow through on the vision.

Top Down

First, convey the importance of specific sustainability initiatives to employees through top management. Achieve this by setting up a presentation with staff where C-level management has the attention of stakeholders and sets realistic expectations for their participation in a sustainability plan. As an energy consultant, you should act as an educator in this scenario. By developing a brief presentation that explains what steps were taken to improve sustainability, i.e., how many LED lights were installed and what type of savings they produce. Also, be sure that every employee has your contact information so they can contact you if there are questions.

All For One

Next, help create accountability by forming an energy committee. The goal of the energy committee should be to find new efficiencies and share them with management and their peers. Empower the committee to develop a concise list of energy policies that are important to the success of their plan, as well as achievable milestones then share that list with all employees. This can be achieved by asking questions about what changes need to take place and what will happen if nothing changes.

Track, Measure, Celebrate

Finally, schedule regular company meetings to track progress and most importantly to celebrate when goals are reached.

As an energy consultant, you must take steps to provide value outside of just commodity prices. By asking deeper questions and helping your clients convey the message of sustainability to employees you define yourself as a thought leader and a valuable part of any organization.

Sustainability is not just about corporate bottom lines. It’s about the health of our planet, bottom line!