3 DIY Lettering Decorations for Christmas

3 DIY Lettering Decorations for Christmas

Christmas is coming soon, and there’s not a lot of time left to prepare. But that does not mean you cannot make your own decorations. Here are 3 simple do-it-yourself lettering that you can do to prepare for the party that you are hosting this year.

All of the items I used are available from the bookstore/stationery shop. Some of these items, I purchased from Daiso since it is cheaper. These are the materials I used for these 3 projects (not including plain white paper and the window or acrylic sheet to write on.

DIY Christmas Decoration Lettering Tools

DIY Christmas Decoration Lettering Tools

1. Cheers Banner



  • Colorful square origami papers
  • Metallic gold and silver paint markers
  • Plain white paper
  • Sharpie / Pencil
  • Paper twine
  • Small wooden clips

To start, I did some quick sketching of all the letters that I will be writing using a black Sharpie pen: C, H, E, R, S.


Then I placed the colored sheets on top of the sketch and traced the letters one by one using the metallic gold marker. After tracing each letter and coloring it in, I added some shading to each letter.


After completing all the letters, I clipped it on the paper twine and hung it on the wall.

If you do not have metallic paint markers, you can choose to use Sharpie or some colored permanent markers to create the letters.

2. Handlettered Coasters



  • Pencil
  • Sharpie
  • Plain white paper
  • Cork coaster

I first planned what the final output would look like by sketching on a plain paper. To create the border, I traced the edge of the coaster. After I decided on the design, to make sure that I had the proportions right, I drew some guides lightly on the surface. I used a pencil and carefully copied the design from the paper to the cork.


After transferring the design, I traced over the pencil marks with a Sharpie.


After tracing over everything, I carefully erased excess pencil marks to make the final piece neater.

I used a large cork coaster, but there are a lot of different options — I saw some paper coasters and smaller ones as well. If you are feeling more sparkly, you can add some metallic embellishments on the piece using the metallic paint pens in the first project.

3. Happy Holidays on Window/Acrylic Sheet



  • Chalk/window markers
  • Window/acrylic sheet
  • Wet rag/cloth

For this piece, I decided to do it freehand and just drew on the surface directly. Since I was using a throwaway acrylic sheet, I was not too scared to draw on it without any rough drafts. And since I am using chalk markers, it was easy to erase using a wet cloth.


I decided to use 2 lettering styles for the words using red as the main color and white as the accent and to draw the snow and snowflakes.

If you are drawing on a window, and are not sure about the proportions, you can draw on pieces of plain paper first and stick it on the other side of the window. Just be careful not to fall! You can also draw some dots to serve as your guides — where the letters will start and end.

These are simple ways to decorate your house or your party venue without spending too much on pre-made decorations. The best thing is, you can practice your skills using different tools and different surfaces, and show your creativity to your family and friends.

What other DIY decorations are you planning to do? Share with me in the comments or on Instagram. Don’t forget to #designwithnate so I can see your work. :)

Happy Holidays!

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