Special Education with Special Leaders

Reno High School’s CLS Program is helping students with disabilities get the best education

by Nathaniel Perez

Take a look of the driven team in the CLS program as they lead and inspire

Nancy Casper is the head of the CLS In the halls of Reno High School. She is making sure students with disabilities are receiving the best education. She has a team of aides that help her so every student’s needs are met.

CLS stands for Comprehensive Life Skills. In the CLS program, Casper and her team help her students learn common life skills, like cooking , that may not come to them so easy. There’s a lack of funding though, and some money comes of out Casper’s own pocket. Regardless of where the money is coming from, Casper and her team have been determine to help these kids to the best of their abilities.

Casper has been able to build loving atmosphere in the classroom for these kids. With her help, they’re able to grow and be successful.