The Biggest Little Playa

Art from the Burning Man festival is starting to become apart of the community in Reno with projects like the Reno Playa Art Park

by Nathaniel Perez

Take a listen as a panel of community members discusses the future of Burning Man art in the city of Reno and why projects like the Reno Playa Art Park are important in the community.

The park’s custom made bike rack — Photo by Nathaniel Perez

The Reno Playa Art Park is located in Downtown Reno, right on Virginia St. The art park showcases different sculptures from the playa where visitors are able to interact with the art.

Good Luck Horseshoe Sculpture — Photo by Nathaniel Perez

“We do this because we believe that Reno is the gateway to Burning Man, and that the art should have temporary homes here in our community much like it does on the playa,” said Maria Partridge, the mind behind the Reno Playa Art Park.

Electric Dandelions — Photo by Nathaniel Perez
Electric Renaissance (A Tribute to Cadillac Ranch) — Photo by Nathaniel Perez

“We hope the park will become a place for people of all types to gather and share an interactive experience with Burning Man art. Much like the festival itself, we envision that spirit continuing here in our community for those who have, and have not gone to the event to experience for themselves,” said Larry DeVincenzi, a volunteer with the art park.

Visitor making memories in the park — by Nathaniel Perez
Trasparenza Sculpture — Photo by Nathaniel Perez

“Art is a great way to fight blight and this is a great example of the power of art to change a community and those who will come to see it. Will it expand the art scene? I think it has obviously as do the many local and visitors who continue to visit the park themselves,” said Larry DeVincenzi.

Star Way Sculpture — Photo by Nathaniel Perez
Daydream Mural — Photo by Nathaniel Perez

“ I really think it [Reno] can be a tourist attraction. We are so lucky to have Burning Man right here and to have its art come through our parks and have it distributed around…this will be an art destination,” said local artist, Mischell Phoenix Riley.

Electric Dandelions aluminate with downtown Reno — Photo by Nathaniel Perez

“We were given a 2017 Global Arts Grant from Burning Man so we’re doing a completely new park,”said Maria Partridge. Just like the art in the playa, the art park will only be temporary. The sculptures in the park will follow the same traditions that the art in Burning Man follows and will make room for new art. The next location for the next playa art park has yet to be determined.

Star Way Sculpture at night — Photo by Nathaniel Perez