Nathaniel Ploskonka — Three Qualities Exhibited by Leaders

Nathaniel Ploskonka is a professional in the real estate industry in Northeast Ohio. He recently resigned from Cresco Real Estate where he was a Sales Associate for three years. He brought a fresh and assertive approach to tenant and landlord clients when he first started at Cresco and used the lessons he learned while a cadet for the ROTC to exhibit excellent leadership skills. Here are the qualities exhibited by good leaders.

· Good leaders are honest with themselves and the people that they serve. The institution, company or people that a leader oversees are reflected by their actions, which is why exhibiting honesty is such an important characteristic to have as a leader. Honesty from leaders promotes similar behavior amongst the people they oversee, which creates a healthy environment to be in.

· Good leaders understand the importance of delegating tasks and responsibilities to others. Delegating is important not one single leader can handle every single task thrown at them. They need to be able to delegate those tasks, assign the right people to the right task, and give people responsibility. Good leaders give others responsibility because it shows trust and makes others feel important.

· Good leaders are able to communicate well. Good leaders are able to explain their ideas in a clear manner to others, and in a way so that that person could seamlessly execute the idea that was present to them. Good leaders need to create a work environment that they want to operate in and know will be successful. Communication is key to that.

Nathaniel Ploskonka gained invaluable leadership skills from his time as a cadet with the ROTC. He is now a Platoon Leader for the Ohio Army National Guard.

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