The Pretentious Ramblings of a Film Student — Week 9 (The one where I’m a bit drunk)

Hahahaha guess what lads? I’m a bit pissed….

Don’t worry I’m not embarrassingly drunk just at a stage where I am able to be a bit more open and relaxed about shit going on in me own noggin.

just want to start it off by saying that tonight (8/11/18) has been absolutely wonderful. Tonight, I got to have my two worlds blur into one as I saw 2 of my greatest and dearest pals interacting with the lovely people of flat 1012.

I’m not gunna lie I was a little worried the two groups wouldn’t gel but I’m happy to say that my worries never came true as everyone had a Barry time! As we danced, drank and just generally chatted shit about the world, but to be perfectly honest the highlight of the night was getting to see Soph pissed again. This might sound weird but since Soph had been diagnosed she hasn’t been able drink properly or party as much as we did before, and while tonight didn’t particularly get hardcore at any point it was fuckin amazing to see her so relaxed and happy again. those few short hours have been some of the best moments of the year. It was also lovely to get the privilege of introducing the flat lot with Soph and Cal, who fit into our mad and mischievous shenanigans perfectly.

To be fair this whole week has been very exciting as we are currently in the process of house hunting! Granted it hasn’t been a huge success so far as several of our preferred houses have been snatched up, but even still it’s exciting to get this opportunity, for the first time I feel like a real adult, cuz I’m having to do real grownup shit for once, this excites me and equally terrifies me at the same time. The thought that I might get the opportunity to live with some of my best mates is hard to comprehend and still feels like a unobtainable fantasy even now. I definitely feel that as long as we can get our shit together This should be a fairly plausible goal.

I don’t really know what else to add to be honest, in terms of Uni everything is pretty great, don’t get me wrong I’m stressed as hell a lot and am dying from the boredom of commuting. But even still I would prefer to be hitting the next 3 years hard and getting the most out of it, than staying in or reframing from doing the shit that will help me advance. because at the end of the day these next couple of years are probably going to be the most important, far more so than any other because I’m having to more of a grownup. (sorry if this sounded a bit wanky but the title of this does allow for some pretentious leeway!)

All I have to say is come at be bra. Cuz I’m ready for ya, 1v1 me at minesweeper, I double donkey dare you mateeee.

Thanks for sticking with this rambling mess, apologies for the drunken talk but to be fair I feel like most of the shit I come out with probably sounds mad anyway regardless of whether I’m pissed or not.

Have a good night my dudez. Peace out and Papa Bless 👽