Coding Is Over

Let me guess: You’re a bootcamp graduate, right?

You sure sound like one. Bootcamps give you a perverted view of the software industry. They tend to focus only on web development, as if this is the only thing that matters, or the thing that matters most, in the IT industry. They tend to focus on teaching you JavaScript, a language that is wholly unsuitable for teaching you programming and fundamentally crippled for proper software engineering.

It’s very hard to take bootcamp graduates seriously. They need to expose themselves to the rest of the IT industry and see the vast potential that is afforded them, if they can break free from JavaScript and web development.

I strongly recommend that you learn some grown-up languages like Java, Python and C++. I strongly recommend that you try working in numerical and scientific computing, or systems software (operating systems, embedded software, etc.), or database development, or robotics, or Internet of Things. Broaden your horizon!

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