Liquid Democracy: True Democracy for the 21st Century
Dominik Schiener

Great post! I live in New England in a town with a Town Meeting form of government — pretty direct democracy. There are many positive aspects, however, the benefits you outline about liquid democracy address some of the huge flaws apparent in my experience of direct democracy. Participation in direct democracy is a massive problem — most people are too busy to show up, so essentially, roughly 100–200 people out of about 8000 potential voters make the decisions. And there are definitely demographic factors in play, in terms of who has more time to spare, etc… Regarding people showing up, while there are some unique and valuable experience to a public forum with participants of all kinds invested and empowered in the process, I think a collaborative online process that plays out over weeks or days rather than hours and allows for reflection, reading, and writing would all in all be superior for a variety of reasons. Look forward to following your work on this and myself plan to work to raise awareness.

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