Axie Infinity Battle Archetypes: a Beginners Overview

Jan 26 · 8 min read

Hello Axie Community,

Today I will be explaining the basics of how to identify what kind of battler an Axie is. Let’s begin.

What should I be looking at?

All Axie have two kinds of stats (statistics) you need to consider: move stats and body stats. Move stats are attached to an Axie’s parts and body stats are attached to an Axie’s body class. When evaluating what kind of battler an Axie is, your primary consideration should be the stats of each move (meaning what parts an Axie has). Some moves also have effects which you must also evaluate. Lets look at an example.

At part level one only four parts have moves stats: the Mouth, the Horn, the Back, and the Tail. Lets take a closer look at the Nut Cracker mouth part.

Move Stats

So, here we see three numbers. From left to right they are the Attack Value (Red), the Defense Value (Green), and the Accuracy Value (Blue). We also see some text beneath them. This is the move’s effect. Every move has a different set of stats. By evaluating a move’s stats and effects we can determine what it is good for. Before we take a closer look at how to do so, I’d like to touch on body stats.

There are four body stats. Health Points (HP), Speed, Skill, and Morale. Here is a basic breakdown of what each does.

On an Axie they can be observed here:

Body Stats

These stats have many implications for battle. For this article we will only touch on how these stats compliment an Axie’s move set. Now, lets discuss the three main battle archetypes.

⚔ The Damage Dealer ⚔

Damage dealers are Axie that are optimized for offense. When looking for damage dealers you want to find an Axie with at least three, but preferably 4, good damage moves. What makes a damage move “good”? Here is my breakdown:

These terms are not technical, they are merely explanatory

Additionally, you will want your damage dealing moves to be decently accurate. I consider 80 Accuracy or above to be good enough for damage dealing moves.

Let’s look at an example:

Axie #17256 is what I consider an excellent damage dealer. It has great move stats and complementary body stats. First, let’s evaluate the move stats.

All of Axie #17256’s move stats

Highlighted by the red outline, we can see the attack value of each move. Highlighted by the blue outline, we can see the accuracy of each move. Because each attack value is greater than or equal to 20, this axie is clearly a good damage dealer. Also, each move has an accuracy of 80 or more, so its hit rate will be decent. There is little point in having high damage moves if they rarely hit the enemy. Now, lets touch on body stats.

Axie #17256’s body stats

For damage dealers that focus on pure damage the most relevant body stat is Morale, followed by Speed and Skill. As you may recall, one of Morale’s most important functions is that it determines Critical Hit chance. Critical Hits deal double damage to the enemy Axie. This can have a huge influence on the outcome of a battle by allowing you to quickly kill your enemies Tank, leaving their Damage Dealers vulnerable, or even one hit killing the enemies Damage Dealers, securing the win. High Speed can also be useful for damage dealers. It can enable them to pick off slower Axie before they can attack and gives them a higher dodge chance, which is crucial when considering that most Damage Dealers have low health. Lastly, you should consider the Skill stat. Most Axie either have 31 or 35 skill. Axie with 35 skill will hit the enemy just a bit more than normal, which can sometime be the difference between a win and a loss.

Axie #17256 has high Morale, decent Speed, and 35 skill, which are all nice complimentary stats for a Damage Dealer.

Axie #17256 has some additional features to be aware of. Firstly, note that its tail part is called “The Last One”. “The Last One” is considered by most to be the single best damage dealing move in the game because 31 damage is the highest possible base damage, at the moment. The only other move with 31 damage is on the part “Post Flight”. Damage dealers with “The Last One” are almost always the best available.

Also, note the Nut Cracker mouth effect. |”Synchronized (Passive): +2 Attack for each additional “Cracker” part on user”|. If you look at Axie #17256 you will notice that it has the ear part called “Nut Cracker” in addition to the mouth Nut Cracker. This means that the mouth Nut Cracker’s attack value is actually 22 instead of its base of 20. There are three Nut Cracker parts. The third, which this Axie does not have, is a tail part.

You can easily spot similar features and small synergies like this when looking for Damage Dealers.

🛡 The Tank 🛡

Tanks are Axie optimized for defense. For Tanks, you will want at least 3 Tank moves. Having 4 tank moves is preferable. For tank moves, the only move stat that matters is defense. The HP (Health Points) body stat is also important to consider. Here is my general breakdown for tank moves:

These terms are not technical, they are merely explanatory

Accuracy and Attack values do not matter very much for defense moves because a Tank’s role is to defend your damage dealers, not to attack the enemy. Damage Dealers want to hit, Tanks want to get hit.

Let’s look at an example:

Axie #12658 is a good tank, with some interesting exceptions to the defense guide I posted above. But first, let’s evaluate the move stats.

All of Axie #12658’s move stats

Highlighted in green we can see Axie #12658’s defense values. First, let us note the effect of “Drain Bite” attack. All of the damage dealt by zigzag heals the tank. Although we dont focus on attacking for our Tank Axie, it still will attack once per round so this healing effect is a nice bonus. Hermit’s defense is quite high, and its move “Shelter” is an excellent defensive effect. All of #12658’s move have high enough defense to be considered Tank moves, so it is a Tank.

You may notice that two of the moves defensive values are rated as “Subpar” according to my rating scale, but in reality only 1 is. Because of the way class advantage works, coupled with the fact most damage dealing moves are most commonly beast or bird moves, you can get away with having slightly lower defensive values for bird (pink) and aquatic (blue) defensive moves. To keep this article focused, I will not be explaining the principles behind why this is. Next, lets look at what body stats are good for tanks.

Axie #12658’s body stats

For Tanks, the crucial body stat you will want to look at is HP. The Tanks role is to survive and protect its allies for as long as possible, so high defense moves plus high HP is a winning combination. The second stat to consider is Speed. For most strategies low speed, preferably below 35 and optimally 31 speed, is what you will want to look for. This is because slow Axie are the last to attack. If lower the speed, the higher the chance of that Axie attacking last. This means that you can ensure your best defensive moves are used for defense.

➕ The Support/Healer ➕

Support Axie buff allies and debuff enemies. At level 1 parts, the most relevant Support Axie also heal there allies, so for the time being Supports and Healers are largely the same. Unlike Damage Dealers and Tanks, a Support Axie’s defining feature is the effects its moves have.

Let’s look at an example of a healer:

Axie #23876 has two moves that heal allies and two moves that deal decent damage. Here is it’s move set:

All of Axie #23876’s move stats

In orange I have highlighted three of the moves with effects that make Axie #23876 a good support. First, take a look at the top two moves, “Forest Spirit” and Sweet Party. As we can see, both of these moves “heal (1/4 and 1/2) of max HP to front Ally”. This means that when these moves are use the Axie directly in front of the support Axie (must be directly in front, the wording of the move is ambiguous). Here is an example:

Healer Supports must be directly behind the tank.

Because Healers and Support Axie’s are focused on move effects instead of move stats, they typically have a lesser damage output than pure Damage Dealers. For this reason, you will want any non support move the Axie have to be high damage moves. Lets look at the third effect I highlighted above, belonging to the part “Hare”. If the Support axie has a higher speed than the enemy, it deals +5 damage for a total of 24 damage. You may notice that Axie #12876 has 45 speed, a decently high number. The majority of Tanks have speed values in the 30s, so #12876 and Axie like it will almost always do bonus damage to Tanks. This is a nice way to make up for some of the damage you lose by having two support moves. Alternatively, Support Axie with high defense can also be good, as they will allow for your lone Damage Dealer to be defended longer.

Silence Whisper and Strawberry Shortcake are both moves that buff their allies. Let’s take a look at some moves that debuff the enemy.

Three examples of debuff moves

These are three examples of potentially powerful debuff effects. As you continue to battle and experiment with different strategies you will learn what situations these moves are good for.

When evaluating support Axie, you want high morale or speed if its non support moves are high damage, and high HP if its non support moves are high defense.

So, to recap:

Damage Dealers: Axie with high damage moves and high morale or speed
Tanks: Axie with high defense moves and high HP
Support/Healer: Axie with moves that have moves with powerful ally buffs or enemy debuffs, but weaker move stats.

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Cheers and Happy Battling,

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I am an avid player of Axie Infinity and a moderator for the Axie Infinity discord.

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