China’s stance on the DPRK missile launch

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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: We are against the DPRK’s breach of the UN Security Council resolutions in regards to the missile launch test


Xinhua News Agency Beijing February 13th Electronic (Sun Chenqian reporting) In regards to the report stating that the DPRK test launched a missile reportedly capable of carrying nuclear warheads, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang said on the 13th that China is closely watching the development of the situation.


The UN security council has a clear policy regarding the DPRK’s use of ballistic missile technology. China is opposed to the DPRK’s breach of the UN Security Council’s resolutions in it’s recent missile launch.


During that day’s routine press conference, Geng Shuang said that under the current circumstances, the related parties should not provoke each other, exacerbating tensions in the region. All parties should exercise restraint and jointly safeguard peace and stability in the region.


“We have also received information that the UN Security Council will hold consultations relating to the DPRK’s missile launch. China will continue to participate in the relevant discussions of the Council in a responsible and constructive manner.” Geng Shuang said.


At the same time, Geng Shuang expressed that the source of DPRK nuclear issue lies with DPRK-US and DPRK-South Korean conflict. As a permanent member of the Security Council and a responsible member of the international community, the Chinese side has been implementing the relevant resolutions of the Security Council in a comprehensive and complete manner and has actively encouraged peace talks as well as made unremitting efforts to promote the solution of problems in the peninsula.


China’s efforts have also been universally recognized and praised by the international community.


He expressed, that China believes dialogue and negotiation are the best way to deal with the peninsula’s problem, and hopes that all the relevant parties will take on the requisite responsibility in doing what they ought to do.


China is willing to continue diligently working together with the U.S. in order to encourage a resolution of the peninsula’s nuclear problem, and preserve the peace and stability of the region.