003 Sarah Simpson: Play Alonger, Wisdom Imparter, Serial Smiler

One new portrait per week. Rinse. Repeat.

Laughter and smiles never go out of style.

Sarah Simpson is a rolling reinforcement of the classic cornerstones that make people a joy to be around.

I met up beachside with Sarah and after exchanging stoked hellos and opening our laugh valves I locked the nearby pier in my sights.

Camera out of the quiver, we posted up and started talking on all the finer points as I got the techy bits dialed in camera.

In no order of importance:

  • How to embody more of a cool dude aesthetic
  • What’s the best, most boss trail dog?
  • Go-to American diner fare
  • Signs that your livin’ is good
  • How much you re-evaluate fun on a two wheels when you start mountain biking (Read: Ongoing and coaxing conversation I'm having with Sarah and her boyfriend Steve on why their move to Bellingham necessitates mountain rigs.)

Sarah is a teacher, a director, a facilitator, one who aims to serve. In the short time I've known her, I can confidently say that every time you part ways, she believes in you and you believe in her. An uplifting experience all around.

It’s a great feeling to have people like that in your life. I'm very fortunate to say that Sarah is one of a growing sea of folks in my life that send and receive all the best vibes.

Thanks for your time Sarah! All the best wishes and adventure to you and Steve on your summer of adventure and beyond! STOKED to carve some brown pow with y'all. (Don’t forget to buy mountain bikes!)


** If you you or someone you know in the Seattle area (for the time being) would like to volunteer an hour or so of time to be a part of this ongoing project I'd love to chat about it!

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