How to create a peaceful User Experience

  • Little if any context
  • Little if any nuance
  • Little if any tonal references
  • Little if any supporting evidences or reasons
  • Little if any personal connection
  • Little if any identification or validation
  • Little if any reward for a thoughtful response

Create space for better context

Keep information with the original context

Asana’s team conversation panel

Help to find lost context

Some of StackOverflow’s badges
Wikipedia allows tagging of data to show it’s incomplete or biased

Create non-linear conversations intentionally pits two sides to attempt a healthy exchange of ideas
  • Use a canvas that allows circles and text, to create Venn diagrams
  • A user or admin should be able to create connections to more than just one prior comment. This is where something like a mindmap or a flow chart could be useful. Why not have a simple flow chart tool in your app?
  • Allow creation of anchors (<a> links) to certain parts of discussion so an overview can be easily created.
  • Allow creation of mind maps so people can summarise multiple views quickly
  • Create a new format for ideas or decisions. Perhaps users can just type in ‘pros and cons’ and it will re-format it into two columns.

Add nuance and complexity

Add balance

Try to add tone and attitude

Give due weight to evidence

‘We only ‘like’ around here’

A couple of ideas from Amazon you could add

Create personal connection

Don’t follow ‘dark’ UX patterns

Have a verification process

Slow the speech down

Don’t assume (make an ass out of u and me)

Allow drawings

Passively teach the good





Front-End Dev; UX Designer; INTJ “Architect”

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Nathan Keen

Nathan Keen

Front-End Dev; UX Designer; INTJ “Architect”

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