Day 3: Being Grateful for Nature

Yesterday afternoon we made our way to my wife’s family farm for our second Thanksgiving. I always love coming out here because it’s nice and quiet. There’s not even cell service, but there is WiFi thankfully!

I always like when it first starts to get cold out, so I thought I’d spend some time outside this morning before sunrise. As you can tell in the picture, Darla is still a little tired from all her Thanksgiving company!

This morning I wanted to focus on being thankful for nature. I used to get to spend a lot more time outside, but recently it seems like I’ve been glued to my desk, trying to get every last thing done before the end of the year. It can make life really stressful. It’s nice to be out where it’s quieter, other than the occasional deer rifle shot.

One of mine and my wife’s favorite things to do is hike, and after being out this morning, I’ve decided to make that a more regular activity. Everything is a lot more peaceful and my mind doesn’t go to my to-do list for a few hours.

“Nature does not hurry, but everything is accomplished”- Lao Tzu

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