Think about fragrances.

We may disagree on extent or scale, still most of us would agree that our everyday health is influenced by what we eat. Much fewer of us think about what goes on our body each day when it comes to our daily care rituals. Even though I’ve now read countless pieces on the importance of #cleanbeauty and the dangers of things like parabens, when it comes my daily care rituals, I’ve still found myself mindlessly using that gym locker lotion after washing my hands to keep them from being too dry. This gets personal to each of us fast — as each day most of us brush our teeth (hopefully at least twice), use shampoo, maybe throw on conditioner, probably suds our body with soap, scrub with a face wash, only to lather on a moisturizer (some of us two types), maybe an eye cream, spray on cologne, etc. etc., you get the idea. We each add somewhere in the neighborhood of 7+ products — you can imagine your own routine. Here’s the scary part — unless you’ve consciously made the switch most of those products are FILLED with chemicals + toxins, products not good for our health.


There is a great piece by GOOP published recently on fragrances specifically- focused on Clean Beauty. It is well worth the read and goes much more in-depth than I need to here. As I think of my own journey to try to keep those chemicals out of my daily routine, one area I could not find a good solution for was cologne. Only recently through a bit of a search did I come across Phlur — and was inspired by their decision to cut out the bad and offer great smelling options. It subtly reminded me of Annie’s Homegrown and their original mission to focus on real and take the bad out of our comfort food — but at the same time keep things tasting great so there was absolutely no sacrifice to good. Phlur does the same — making this a choice without sacrifice. Easy to get behind. Continuing on this quest for clean and discovering great products along the way.


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