Early Morning Thoughts

As my eyes first open,
Assuming they ever shut
The memory of loss floods over me
I try to be positive but,

When my day starts so early,
And the nights they are so long
I can’t help but ask myself
What didn’t I do wrong?

Yes, we may share the blame,
But I feel my blame the more
I could have done things better
Instead your heart I tore

Insults and callous words,
They flowed upon my breath
I cannot undo them now
They are with me ’til my death

Actions of pain and ignorance
Many I have done
They killed us sure as cyanide
Too short was our brief run

The timing was inconvenient,
You were not ready then
If a day of readiness comes
Perhaps we try again

Time will tell, it always does
And in the end I know
Not just words will fix us
It is less of tell, than show.

You think it will be the same
But, could we find some other route
Create happiness with some help
Alleviate your doubt

I am always here for you
In love for days untolled
Take one more chance with me
A future may unfold

In my arms you should die
It might be our destiny
To breathe out your final breath
By the ocean and into me

In this moment, you are safe
Warmth and love you feel
May this always be your way
Mindful helps you heal

And if by chance we never can
Make another try
I’ll live out by days separately
In love until I die

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