Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich

Nathan Latka
Feb 4, 2016 · 3 min read

This story originally appeared in my book club. Since I recently sold the company I launched at 19 years old — we did $5m in sales and raised $2.5m in VC- I’ve shifted my focus to reading a book a day. Join my book club now to see what a 26 year old with one exit under his belt is reading.

I just finished reading “Advertising Headlines That Make you Rich” by David Garfinkel where provides very tactical examples of killer headlines that get your community to do what you want them to do.

The book was recommended to me by very few, but very intelligent, friends so I grabbed it immediately and jumped in. David didn’t disappoint.

Here are my 3 favorite headlines David teaches in the book (over 50 headlines in the print version of the book!)

Proven headline 1:

Thousands now play who never thought the could

People read this headline and think “hey, if others can do it, so can I”. Use this headline in situations where you’re teaching or selling something that most people think they don’t have the ability to do. This headline is an easy way to subconsciously tap social proof.

Variation to sell fitness products: Thousands now take pride in their bodies who never thought they could

Variation to sell online courses: Thousands now launch money-making products who never thought they could

Proven headline 2:

Who else wants to look like a movie star?

The key to making this headline work for you is to avoid describing components and process. Only describe the end results you provide your customers.

Variation if selling lawn care services: Who else wants a more beautiful lawn?

Variation if wedding planner: Who else wants more fun and less stress at their wedding?

Proven headline 3:

Get rid of (Problem) once and for all.

Key to make this headline work is to make sure you describe your problem using the same words your reader already uses. Survey your audience and ask them “What is your #1 marketing challenge”. Use their verbiage in headlines on landing pages, webinars, and sales pages.

Variation if trying to sell your company to job candidate: Get rid of that boring job once and for all

Variation if selling mouthpiece to stop teeth from grinding: Get rid of that disgusting habit once and for all

Remember, for a headline to work it must either draw your readers attention to a pain they have or are likely to face, or a desire they have that is not fulfilled.

7 Other Headlines You Should Copy/Paste

Example web designer: Have a website you can be proud of

2. Format: Give me (surprisingly short period of time — and ill (give you this results you wouldn’t have expected)

Example Mens clothing store: Give me an hour — and ill give you a brand new wardrobe

3. Format: The lazy(name your prospect)’s way to (condition, goal or end result your prospects want, that you can provide for them)

Example self storage: The lazy person’s way to deal with “Too much stuff”

4. Format: (Do activity) like (world-class practitioner of this activity)

Example cooking school: Prepare Meals like a Paris Chef

5. Format: If you (don’t take advantage of this opportunity your company provides), you’ll hate yourself later”

Example photographer: If you don’t get a family portrait now, you’ll hate yourself later

6. Format: Do you recognize the 7 early warning signs of (problem that you solve)

Example personal trainer: Do you recognize the 7 early warning signs of “Permanent Pot-Belly”

7. Format: See how easily you can (result you provide) (how you provide it)

Example persian rug store: See how easily you can own a persian rug!

The book includes over 50 examples of headlines like these. All of them are timeless: They worked in 1950 newspaper advertising, Ogilvy used them, and they work on modern day landing pages.

Click here if you’d like to grab the book (Update: the price was much cheaper earlier this morning before I shared the book. It’s now more expensive because there are only a few left in stock).

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