tl;dr: Try out microplane! It’s a CLI tool to make changes across many repos.

The Problem

At Clever, we’ve embraced microservices. They promote modularity, which leads to simpler code bases and lets our engineers move quickly and independently. They are easier to deploy, which helps us build towards incremental, frequent deploys and continuous delivery. In our containerized architecture, they let us scale our services independently in response to load and enforce fine-grained access control.

We create a Git repository for each of our services, and we have over 500 repositories at Clever. Working in separate repos vs. one large repo (i.e. a…

Sometimes it’s obvious what code has to change, but it’s painfully hard to prove you’ve fixed it.
When’s the last time a conceptually simple fix took you hours longer to than planned, because you could not get the project running locally to verify your change worked?

I just want to change a little CSS on the signup workflow… Should be quick! So, starting up the website… just to double check.

$ npm run-script dev-server
Starting Website

I know what to do. I’ll read the README, follow it step-by-step, and that should solve things.

(Reads README, follows all steps religiously.)

Nathan Leiby

Software Engineer @ Clever

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