Artist Merch Offerings

Two artists I follow with unique merch offerings, one is a Top40 Country act and the other is a completely independent semi-acoustic duo.

Brad Paisley- currently offering the regulars like t-shirts, cds, posters, pictures, but is also offering various Christmas tree ornaments. The ornaments range from a variety of years of tour memorabilia and album releases. I’m a little surprised that these are an option, but for someone with a “southern hospitality” mentality I definitely see family events such as Christmas being important, and what better way to proclaim your favorite artists to all the guests you invite over than an ornament on the main decoration of the season?

The Vocal Few- Matt and Kristie, a married Acoustic duo out of Seattle, they started the group as a side project to make a little extra money for baby needs when their baby arrived. They currently offer CDs, vinyl, posters, and pre-orders of those things for their next release at their merch store. More importantly, they offer things outside of their merch store. Matt’s band, The Classic Crime, already had a “superfan” following, which helped transfer over to the side project and allowed The Vocal Few to do house tour concerts, personally interacting with fans in a way that arena selling artists might have a hard time doing. They also have involved their kids in the project as “advertising”. Offering StageIt concerts, Video calls, and more personal interaction items has allowed them a stronger connection with their fanbase than any “merch” item could.

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