Directing Class #1

Films are incredible, they have the ability to make you feel all different types of emotions in just 90 minutes. There is a lot that goes into that then a good story and good actors. Lighting, camera movement, coloring, set design, make up, and so much more go into making the film captivate you. Almost everything you see in a feature film happens on purpose, and I say almost because there is that one chance that something unplanned can be beautiful. But anyway, camera shots, lighting, set design all have a purpose. One clip we looked at in class was from the movie “The Pride and the Prejudice.” Unfortunately I haven’t had the honor of watching this movie but I’ll have to in the future. We watched the opening clip from the film. It was beautiful, something I noticed right away was the warm coloring of the sunrise, it made me feel comfortable and you can see that in the image below.

Another thing I noticed was that most of the shots were very busy, with almost the entire frame being filled. But it was still so easy to focus on what the actress what doing, which was just walking, but she seemed like she knew the place, she was very comfortable in her surroundings.

Filmmakers do anything they can to make their films more engaging. What I learned in class was that whatever we do with our film needs to mean something, every shot, coloring, lighting, all of it should mean something.

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