Directing Class #4

In directing class we are bound to talk about directing, and we did just that last week! We talked about how we should direct actors. There are good techniques and there are bad techniques and I learned that starting it I would have had some bad techniques. I sometimes don’t know how to express what I want in detail so if I would say something like “Be more excited.” Or “tone it down a bit.” might not be sufficient enough for the actor. Now every actor is different so you should talk to the actor and figure out the best way you can communicate with him/her but usually what I’ve herd is that if you would like to get the most out of your actor you should ask them how they would feel in this situation. If it were actually be happening to them how would they react. Now I don’t think I’m very good at expressing what I want into words, so I may have to hire someone who I could communicate my vision to, and they would communicate that to the actors. Sounds confusing right? Yeah. But I can’t know this for sure, I mean I haven’t directed anything really so I guess I’ll have to find that out once I start working on my final project.

Directing actors in extremely important. If you don’t do it correctly you may not get what you want from them and then you may not get the film you were hoping for. Actors are so important, treat them like they are and then you might find that whatever you’re using them for will be incredible.

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