Bike to the Beach with me for Autism Awareness!

Dear friend,

As you may or may not know, I have Autism. A neurological disorder that affects 1 out of every 68 children. I am biking in New England 2018 ride for Bike to the Beach, to support and raise Awareness for Autism; on September 1, 2018.

Watch the video I made that explains more here

You can take a look at more information about my team here, and learn more about the actual ride here.

What makes summer fun? It is simple: Hanging out with friends, Being active, and Relaxing at the beach. In other words: Bike to the Beach ( makes summer fun. If you do not know already, I have signed up for B2B’s awesome cycling charity event in support of Autism Speaks and you should too. Besides being able to spend an awesome weekend at the beach with the best people you will ever meet, you will be raising money for B2B’s partner, Autism Speaks, as it continues to offer critical autism-focused services, research, and advocacy nation-wide.

If you have any doubts about how fun and fulfilling this event will be, you should take a look here and here for videos on their website of all of the fun.

The best news is that B2B now offers two ride lengths, both 100 miles, and ~50 miles (My Team is doing the 50-mile ride), and you can sign up at any time through their website.

Click here to join my team and me!

If you cannot or don’t want to ride, you can also donate to (support) me and my team here.

Feel free to share this with your friends and family that may be interested in joining and/or supporting my team.

Let me know when you sign up! Looking forward to riding with you, and thank you in advance for your support.


Nathan D. Markley, A.S.



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