Who I’m Voting For President?

Clinton. I will be voting for Hillary Clinton.

I try to avoid talking politics on the internet because politics are conflict-ridden. There’s always two sides, Republicans and Democrats, there’s left, there’s right. I can have my opinion and you have yours. That’s what’s great about this country and is the nature of a healthy democracy. But, this is not that, this is an unstable, unreasonable mega-nut other, that is driven by nothing but self-image and self-worth. A man who cares exactly zero about the people of this country. A person who brags about sexually assaulting woman and shames others for the way they look.

I’m speaking up today because this election has very little to do with politics, policy or lawmaking. This has to do with standards and principles.

There’s only one person that can defeat him, one that can keep him away from power, and that is Hillary. Now, I’m not a huge fan of her; and I’m fully aware of all the disparagement against her. I’m aware of all her failures and faults. But, she’s intelligent, and she knows what she’s doing. And Importantly she’s mentally sound, she’s accountable and she’s sane.

And that is why I’m voting for her.

I want to call out the younger generation. See, if we all lined up together, we have the power to ensure that this tax avoiding, lying, racist thing, stays away from power and out of the white house. But, it requires all of us coming together. Sitting on the sidelines this time around is not okay. This election is different and if this guy gets elected and you stood back with your arms folded, didn’t speak out against him, it makes you complicit. It makes you somewhat responsible for handing him the wheels of power. See we have the power to activate a demographic voter that isn’t typically very active; young people.

OK, that’s it. I’m Done. Thank you for your time. Peace, Goodnight and Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite. Bye Guys.