A Simple Rule for Life and Relationships

Don’t be a cunt.

Whoa there! Before some of you start getting offended at my use of such a vulgar term, let’s sit down and talk about it shall we? Cunt (yes I said it again), comes from the Latin cunnus, meaning female vulva.

In the modern day as a term of disparagement, it is primarily used in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. However, it can also be used as a term of endearment ie. “How ya doin’ cunt?” or “he’s a good cunt”. There is no legitimate reason that one should be offended by the use of the word as it is rarely used pertaining to female genitalia any longer. Except in one case in the bedroom and I think that particular young lady watches way too much hard-core porn.

So where were we… Oh yes, don’t be a cunt. Fairly simple rule for a relationship don’t you think? Well one would assume so, however it does seem many people act like cunts to those they are closest to. Hate to break it to you, no one wants to hear how useless your husband/ wife/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ toyboy/ mistress is. They are legitimately not interested. If the object of your affections is a cunt, why are you being inanely moronic and continuing the relationship? Are you daft? No? Then stop.

Sometimes we get hurt and defensive when people raising issues that they regard as problems. Yeah I know, life can be difficult at times and you’re really stressed because you have to sit at a desk eight hours a day and put up with sexual harassment from that fat fuck in the next cubicle [note: it happens to males as well as females], but that doesn’t excuse you for being so fucking difficult with the people you care about. Listen to reasonable criticism if it is valid. If not, be honest and calmly tell your loved one to go fuck themselves. Calm, clear and direct communication is key.

I know that couples can face wide ranging problems. Fuck there is no milk, my cat pissed on the carpet, you didn’t clean the butt plug, it was my turn to be dom. This is no excuse. Gentlemen, if you have promised to fix that bathroom sink on many an occasion and it still hasn’t been done then you’re being a cunt. Ladies, if you happen to be hormonal and you realise the hormone are causing you to be a bitch, stop being a cunt.

[Disclaimer: The above gender stereotypes are used as examples only and the author appreciates that mileage between people may vary. Everyone is aware of when expectations are reasonable and when they are not. If you don’t, I suspect that you may be a cunt.]

It is very easy to say, I do realise this. Most people don’t start out in a relationship with the intention to act like a cunt, but they fall into that pattern of behaviour. You can be better than that. Once upon a time there was a dude nailed to a cross for telling people to treat others as you would like to be treated. Fairly simple if you are religious or not.

So remember you arseholes. DON’T BE A CUNT.

By Nate Masters

The author is aware some may be offended by strong language, however in all frankness he doesn’t give a shit. Quit your fucking whinging, take a dose of reality and be more robust about life. If being offended is the worst thing that happened to you today, you really don’t have much to worry about in your life of privilege..

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