Douchebag: The White Racial Slur We’ve All Been Waiting For
Michael Mark Cohen

I like some of your conclusions, but disagree with others. Western religion is universally misogynist, regarding women as “unclean,” and exhorting them to hide and suppress their sexuality. While tribalism is in decline, many of its prejudices still exist, as does reverse discrimination. Allow me to explain: I never experienced reverse discrimination until I crossed the line — I married a black woman. We got it from both sides… Black men would ask her: “What are you doing with him?” “You’re a traitor to your race.” I heard that one too, always from the douchebags. In addition, I’m a Jew. She grew up in a formerly Jewish neighborhood in Philadelphia. The Jews that most black people knew were landlords, lawyers, judges, and money lenders. So that was what they expected, I was supposed to be a douchebag. My white privilege meant I had lots of money, like all the Jews they ever met. That wasn’t me at all. I wrote poetry, did theater, ‘pioneered’ in Alphabet City before it was gentrified, and worked as a cook, drove taxis, and did other odd jobs. I frequented Jazz clubs, and sometimes did vocals. I did Off-Off Broadway theater for love and lunch money, driving taxis and limos to pay the bills. My ex-wife had the better job, with the same company for most of her working life. It turned out that I wasn’t white enough…

It is situational. There are even a few black douchebags, since we’re naming names, Clarence Thomas, and Ben Carson come to mind.

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